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39 search results for: GPS


GPS Calendars

GPS calendars are different then traditional calendars that most of us are used to working with, yet they are pretty common these days due to the increased use of GPS surveying. Yet there is never one around when you need one, so if you find your self doing a lot of GPS field work like myself then you may notice that you will working in Julian Days …


Precise Point Positioning GPS Processing

Sometimes when doing GPS field work I will often require a way to double check my own GPS Processing work or am sometimes too far from an active control network to tie into. Using Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service in these situations has often come to my aid, especially on jobs in Nunavut or in Northern Ontario
The Canadian Geodetic Service provides a free online global GPS processing service called CSRS-PPP, where you can process files containing RINEX observations from either a single or dual frequency receiver in either static or kinematic modes. The service is free but does require that you sign up to obtain a username and password to gain access.


The Impact Of Modern GPS On Transportation & Society

GPS technology has been around a lot longer than most people give it credit for, and was meant more as a means of tracking satellites during the space race than for pin pointing our own positions on Earth. Now, not even a decade after the smartphone revolution took off and put GPS into the palms of our hands, GPS is taking on another new purpose …


Leica GS20 PDM GPS Sensor & GIS DataPro Processing Software

The Leica GS20 PDM (professional Data Mapper) handheld GPS unit was a small GPS device that was included with the RTK GPS unit that was purchased for my LIDAR research project at the AGRG in 2003. The GS20 did not come with very good user guides so we created a brief user guide …


Using Google Earth to obtain NGS CORS Information

Every now and then I come across some little utilities that help to make things easier while working in the field and these pages are mainly my way of sharing them with others while creating a go-to place where I can easily find them when I need them.

Here is a Google Earth file that that contains locations and basic information about all of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Continuously Operating Reference Stations CORS. Saving you time from searching for CORS stations in your area and finding out what sampling rate they record GPS data at.


LIDAR GPS Validation

Summary poster created to show GPS validation data collected for 2003 LIDAR survey of the Annapolis Valley. Poster was one of several presented at the Geomatics Atlantic 2003 Conference held at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and posted at the Applied Geomatics Research Group seminar room in Middleton, Nova Scotia.


Surveying from an Unknown Point with Leica Total Station

The total station can be used to survey in locations where you do not know the value of the point upon witch it is setup upon. This technique is often used when you have two points with known established coordinate values but are not in an ideal place to perform your survey from, or at times where you wish to progress further into an unknown survey region.