CanadianGIS is an extension of my web site that I started back in 2005 after I noticed that there was a real need to have somewhere on the web to help find Canadian GIS resources. And although there were a few other websites starting around that time related to GIS, nobody else was really dedicating a site to Canadian GIS topics. logoThe site has evolved slightly since then with a few functions or sections being added to it or removed as time went on but it has always been primarily used to promote the Canadian GIS & Geomatics Industry and to share information with other Canadians that also have an interest in GIS. It also went well together with, another GIS site that I created to help Geomatics students find Canadian GIS & Geomatics related jobs much easier. turned out to be a real success and eventually led to the creation of GoGeomatics, another Canadian Geomatics job board site that allowed people to post GIS jobs for free (now is fully fee based). helps provide people with resources about Canadian GIS & Geomatics related data, basic information about Canadian companies that provide geomatics services, locations of Canadian data and maps, information about GIS conference & events, places to find Canadian GIS employment and education info and many other great resources. Content for the site been created by me and a few volunteers, with some also being supplied by various GIS companies and academic institutions.

If you have not yet checked the site out then I encourage you to go and see for your self, and if you discover that there is information related to Canadian GIS resources that I have missed then please do let me know. – Join the Canadian GIS LinkedIn Group (2200+ members) or the Canadian GIS FaceBook Group (2100+ members but mostly different from the LinkedIn group)


Ted MacKinnon -Geomatics Specialist

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[page originally published in Jan. 2009]

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