LIDAR 3D Surface of Bouctouche, New Brunswick

Color Shaded Relief Models – Bouctouche, New Brunswick

LIDAR 3D Surface of Bouctouche, New BrunswickCSR-LIDAR-overpass

The two images above represent artificial 3D perspective views from different points of origin featuring color shaded relief models that were created from high resolution LIDAR digital surface models as part of a LIDAR flood modeling graduate research project. The image on the left highlights a highway overpass while the image on the right features a residential area with a large school and a church easily detectable in the LIDAR all hits data set. Bouctouche is a small town located in eastern New Brunswick approximately 40 kilometers north of Moncton where the Bouctouche River meets the Northumberland Strait. It was an important aspect of the research study due to the extreme storm surge flooding that the region experiences every winter.

LIDAR surface modeling of Bouctouche New Brunswick