Big Moose in Dryden, Ontario

Dryden, Ontario

Well yet another stay in the small northern town of Dryden has come around … Dryden is centrally located between Thunder Bay Ontario and Winnipeg Manitoba, along the Trans-Canada Highway.

It has become a very large commercial sector serving local citizens and visitors because of its central location in Northern Ontario and also has a busy rail line and airport. The pulp and paper mill is probably the largest industry here but it appears that agriculture & tourism also plays a major role here (mostly camping / hunting & fishing tourists I would guess).

They have a town’s mascot, known as Max the Moose, a large cement statue whom stands 18 feet tall and weighs nine tons, found outside the Dryden Information Centre. It may be pretty cool to have a moose that big but I think they could have put a little work into it to make it look a little better (… I will need to go get a picture of that before I leave and add it … ).

[mgl_gmap lat=”49.779020314370506″ long=”-92.83530402001952″ zoom=”13″ width=”100%” height=”350px” skin=”roadmap” controls=”pan,zoom,scale,streetView,overviewMap,scrollWheel” ][mgl_marker lat=”49.77525133044575″ long=”-92.83375906762694″ ]Dryden, Ontario[/mgl_marker][/mgl_gmap]

Dryden is the home town of NHL super star hockey player Chris Pronger (currently playing hockey with the Philadelphia Flyers). He even has the local arena named after him with a digital sign providing the town with important information like “It’s COLD outside!” (see photo) – I would hope that most people here would be able to figure that out with out having somebody tell them about it (especially since you have to be outside to read the sign – ???) but sometimes you never do know …

The town boasts a motto of “The Great Canadian Experience” well if that’s the case I have yet to feel that special experience yet. In fact we have been having some bad luck with the weather (gotta love snow in October ) and havebeen basically stuck here for almost three weeks, getting only a few flights here and there.

So I should have lots of time to make another Dryden post or two with more info, summary of what I think about this place and other sarcastic comments off course…


It is kind of like the Bill Murray movie “Ground Hog Day” where a TV weatherman who, during a hated assignment covering the annual Groundhog Day event in Punxsutawney (a town just like Dryden I am sure), finds himself repeating the same day over and over again. For us it has been having to eat in the same restaurants over and over …

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