the real Nicaraguan Lawn Mower

“the Machete” … also known as “the Nicaraguan Lawn Mower”

I found this neat T Shirt while walking around one of the local markets in Managua (the market alone can be a whole story / experience all by itself) and couldn’t resist getting it to add to my cheesy T shirt collection (especially since it was only $5).

And, actually the funnier part of this little story was that I often did see people cut grass here with a machette. In fact one day a of the few army guys at the local base cleared a whole grass field right where we landed our helicopter everyday…

“Good luck finding a someone mowing around here with a John Deere ride on mower”


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Labrador Flag perched on top of Mountain

Mealy Mountains, Labrador

Mealy Mountains located in the southern portion of Labrador, is situated south of Lake Melville, north of Sandwich Bay and borders the Labrador Sea. The mountain range encompass over 26 thousand square kilometers of forests, tundra, wetlands, coastal barrens, lakes, beaches and bogs. This large remote region contains many scenic areas, many of witch I was fortunate enough to get to see while surveying various areas of the soon to be National Park.