When you combine global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information system (GIS) technology together you get a powerful tool better known to most in the Geomatics industry as Mobile Mapping. This combined technology allows users to visualize information with existing digital data, record new information exactly directly at the source, and interact directly with the world around you.

GIS Mobile Mapping with ArcPad

Included here is a report written for an ArcPad / Trimble mobile mapping project, a presentation that covered all aspects of the project and more general information and links about GIS mobile mapping. The report includes all code used in designing the ArcPad application (visual basic, XML etc). The presentation was presented at COGS in Lawerncetown, Nova Scotia during the fall of 2003. The existing AGRG weather station network now consists of 14 tripods and 1 tower setups (as of Aug 2004).