Color Shaded Relief Model – Irvine, California

3D CSR Irvine California

The screen grab above was captured during the process of creating a color shaded relief model of Irvine, California. It was created in one of many demos I gave to clients while working for PCI Geomatics and was also used in the following tutorial that I created for the PCI geomatics website.

PCI Geomatics is a world leading developer of image centric geomatics software solutions. The PCI Geomatics flagship software, Geomatica, meets the growing demands of the remote sensing, GIS, cartography, and photogrammetry worlds. PCI Geomatics has long been recognized for offering high-value geomatics software solutions, advanced algorithms, excellent customer assistance, and product support for the widest range of spatial data formats in the industry.

Color Shaded Relief Models – Cap Pele, New Brunswick

Color Shaded Relief Models of Cap Pele, New Brunswick Color Shaded Relief Models of Cap Pele, New Brunswick

The two images above represent artificial three dimensional perspective views perspective views from different points of origin featuring color shaded relief models that were created from high resolution LIDAR digital surface models as part of a LIDAR flood modeling graduate research project.

The study area for the project consisted of the coastal Gulf Shore region of southeastern New Brunswick from Kouchibouguac National Park south to Jourimain Island (location of the Confederation Bridge). The coastal zone of New Brunswick is a picturesque fishing region that boasts several kilometers of sandy beaches with some of the warmest salt water temperatures north of Virginia.

LandSat Mosaic of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This poster is of a mosaic of multi-temporal infra red LandSat imagery of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. The top image is a false color composite (FCC) using LandSat bands 7,4 and 3. The bottom image image is a true color composite using LandSat bands 3,2 and 1. It was one of the first image mosaics that I ever created with PCI orthoengine while studying remote sensing at COGS in 1999.
LandSat Mosaic of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Northen Nova Scotia RADARSAT Mosaic

A Northen Nova Scotia RADARSAT mosaic created using PCI OrthoEngine software. Back then RADARSAT data came unformatted and had to be heavily processed and stitched together to form an image like the one featured here …