Geomatics Acronyms and Abbreviations

Geomatics has become a pretty common term in Canada lately and includes many different disciplines such as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, land surveying, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), photogrammetry, geography and other related forms of spatial mapping.

Using acronyms and abbreviations is commonly practiced in the Geomatics industry and most of the time people just assume that everybody else knows what every acronyms and abbreviation stands for. Well that is obviously not the case most of the time and over the years I have created myself a little digital cheat-sheet of geomatics acronyms and abbreviations that I use with my work in my writing.

Here is a large collection of common acronyms and abbreviations related to the Canadian Geomatics industry:

Website Portfolio

Website Portfolio

I have been designing web sites on and off now for over ten years kind of as a hobby under various aliases such as – Most often the sites I have created have been for myself, for friends or sites that I have created and sold to generate funds to cover my sites expenses . Sometimes, along the way I have picked up a few clients and have had the opportunity to provide my skills for others. I am always interested in making other peoples web sites so if you are interested in having me design and make your web site, then contact me, I would love to hear from you.

I made a small portfolio section to the site containing a few examples of web sites that I have created and some that I have redesigned from existing designs. The sites are HTML – CSS – PHP based and WordPress CMS.

Some of my many site as well as ones that I have created include:


Color Shaded Relief Models – Makkovik, Labrador

Color Shaded Relief Models of Makkovik, Labrador Color Shaded Relief Models of Makkovik, Labrador

The above images are color shaded relief models that I created with a DEM of Makkovik, Labrador. These were part of a data integration project that I was involved with during my intense Remote Sensing training at the Center of Geographic Sciences (COGS) in Nova Scotia. the Makkovik region is a coastal area along the eastern coast of northern Canada that is rich with geologic outcrops.