Color Shaded Relief Model – Gatineau, Quebec

Color Shaded Relief Model of the Gatineau foot hills of Quebec


The above image is one of several color shaded relief (CSR) models I created of Gatineau foot hills of Quebec. The city of Ottawa is featured in the national capital region near the bottom center of the image across the river just south of Gatineau Park. This was one of the color shaded relief models submitted for use with an online interactive web GIS mapping project for the municipal of Collines-de-l’Outaouais, Quebec. The image below is the actual one that is currently featured in the web GIS project.

The Gatineau Hills are part of a geological formation in Canada which represent the foothills of the Laurentian Mountains which stretch east through Quebec, beginning north of Montreal and joining up with others into Vermont and New Hampshire. The geology of Gatineau Park, which encompass these foothills, is related to the Eardly Escarpment, which is a fault line that lies along the southern edge of the hills. This escarpment makes the part an attractive location for rock climbers and hikers, offering a beautiful view of the relatively flat fields below, which extend to the Ottawa River.

Color Shaded Relief Model of the Gatineau foot hills of Quebec



Gatineau Park Pansharp Fused Image

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