3D Modeling with High Resolution LiDAR

I created and presented this poster featuring LIDAR Color Shaded Relief model of Bouctouche / Shediac area of New Brunswick at the 2004 Geotech event that was held in Toronto.

Flood Simulation Modeling with High Resolution LIDAR

I created and presented the following poster that summarized my Flood Simulation Modeling with High Resolution LIDAR project as part of my Applied Geomatics graduate work at COGS in 2004. The areas in the poster are of Shediac & Parlee Beach, New Brunswick

Flood Simulation Modeling with High Resolution LIDAR

Color Shaded Relief Model – Shediac, New Brunswick

Orthophoto & LIDAR CSR for New Brunswick

The two images above are of a portion of the small town of Shediac, New Brunswick. Each one is of the same spatial extent, however the one on the left is of an aerial photo of the town (1999) while the one on the right is a color shaded relief model created from high resolution LIDAR data (2003) using PCI Geomatica software. The LIDAR digital surface model (DSM) was part of a LIDAR flood modeling graduate research project.

Shediac is a small town located in eastern New Brunswick approximately 20 kilometers north of Moncton. The town calls itself the “Lobster Capital of the World”, hosts an annual lobster festival every July, and the world’s largest lobster sculpture is situated at the main entrance to town.

Cement Lobster in Shediac NewBrunswick Lobster Capital of the World