WildCat Cafe built in 1937

WildCat Cafe, Yellowknife (June, 2008)

I Finally got my chance to explore some of the Canadian north, with the first stop being in Yellowknife, North West Territories. Yellowknife, is a neat little place, perhaps bigger then I expected and containing many more similarities to other small Canadian Towns and Cities probably due to the city being connected to the rest of the country via Highway. Any place that has a Walmart and a Tim Horton’s after all can not be all that remote.

WildCat Cafe built in 1937

Have not a lot of time to look around due to the job being rather small and the weather being so nice. Today it was the warmest place in the country I think, the mercury hit 29 degrees and unfortunately since the sun doesn’t go down, the work day was stretched a little further.

One of Yellowknife’s best known historic landmarks and popular tourist attractions, is a little summer restaurant called the Wildcat Cafe. The building portion of the restaurant is a small old mining camp style wooden log structure that was originally built in 1937 and then later designated as a heritage building in 1992.

The WildCat Cafe is known as the city’s oldest restaurant and continues to operate every year in the original log structure, with extra seating setup out side. Food served at the Wildcat Cafe is mostly typical Canadian fast food (fries, burgers, ice cream etc.) but they also add a little northern touch combining a few dishes with a little Caribou and MuskOx as well.

Interesting enough, a replica of the Wildcat Cafe cabin has been built at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec, witch was neat to see after being to the real thing.

WildCat Cafe  in Yellowknife, NWTInside the WildCat Cafe Restaurant in Yellowknife, North West Territories

Inside the WildCat Cafe  in Yellowknife, NWTWildCat Cafe  in Yellowknife, NWT