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Cartography is the practice of creating maps or visual representations of geographic areas. Traditionally maps have always been created on paper, but since the wide spread use of GIS, has evolved more into digital formats. GIS, an essential tool for urban and resource planning, allows people to solve and model real world situations by incorporating spatial and tabular data.

LiDAR & Remote Sensing

LiDAR, a specialized remote sensing technique uses high precision GPS with an Inertial Measurement Unit to determine accurate surface locations. The resultant measurements consist of geographic locations that can be further processed to produce different spatial data products.


Surveying is the technique, profession, and science of determining terrestrial positions of points and the distances and angles between them, these points are usually on the Earth’s surface, and most often used to establish maps and boundaries for property ownership.


:a geospatial term that originated in Canada due to the similarity in origin with both official languages (English and French). It encompasses various tools and techniques from a multitude of geographic disciplines (geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), photogrammetry, geography, surveying, and other related forms of spatial mapping).

Originally, I created as an online portfolio to help my career while studying Applied Geomatics Research at COGS but since then it has become a place on the web where I share information about geospatial resources using maps, literature, examples, photos and other interesting information that I have learned from my work experience or during some of my travels.

I have been fortunate enough over the past 20 years to work in almost all geomatics related disciplines that included a unique opportunity to travel all across North and Central America, allowing me to better appreciate geography.

Ted MacKinnon - Geomatics Specialist

Some of the Geospatial Content Provided Includes…

GPS & Surveying

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S2 RADARSAT mosaic

Script to generate a PIX file large enough to contain all input DEM files

This simple EASI script used with the MODEL command in PCI will generate an output PIX file with extents large enough to contain all of the files and then mosaic each of the input files into the output DEM file.
January 3, 2008/by T MacKinnon
Map showing GPS data collected in 2003 at Jeremys Bay Campground, Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site

GPS data collection of Jeremys Bay Campground

Screen shot of a poster created of Jeremys Bay Campground Kejimkujik…
April 22, 2005/by T MacKinnon

Granada, Nicaragua (May 2009)

The city of Granada, rich in history and culture, is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Cocibolca is Nicaragua's fourth largest city and historically one of Nicaragua's most important places both economically and politically.

May 25, 2009/by T MacKinnon
GIS Model of Average Annual Precipitation of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Geomatics – GIS Spatial Modeling

GIS Spatial Modeling is the process of modeling, examining, and interpreting geographic data.It uses a set of defined methodology and analytical procedures to derive information with spatial relationships between geographic phenomena. It can be useful for evaluating suitability and capability, for estimating and predicting, and for interpreting and understanding real world situations. There are four traditional types: spatial overlay surface analysis, linear analysis, and raster analysis.

Here, ESRI Geostatistical Analyst was used to create a model that can be easily used to depict the amount of precipitation that a community in the region would experience based on the data from the databases.
October 30, 2013/by T MacKinnon
RADARSAT Fine Mode Imagery

RADARSAT Fine Mode Imagery

Seamless RADARSAT Nova Scotia mosaic poster with fine mode images of Digby, Wolfville, Truro, Cape Smokey Area, Brookfield and Halifax.
January 27, 2008/by T MacKinnon
Color Shaded Relief Model of the Gatineau foot hills of Quebec

Color Shaded Relief Model – Gatineau, Quebec

This is one of several color shaded relief (CSR) models I created of Gatineau foot hills of Quebec. The city of Ottawa is featured in the national capital region near the bottom center of the image across the river just ...
September 24, 2007/by T MacKinnon
map of Nicaragua

Nicaragua Trip (May – June 2009)

After visiting every province of Canada and almost every state in the United States during the past three years, I have finaly embarked upon my first international trip (not including USA travel ...), to the country of Nicaragua, the largest Location Map of Managua, Nicaraguastate in Central America bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south.

May 18, 2009/by T MacKinnon
3D Modeling with High Resolution LIDAR

3D Modeling with High Resolution LIDAR

I created and presented this poster featuring LIDAR Color Shaded Relief model of Bouctouche / Shediac area of New Brunswick at the 2004 Geotech event that was held in Toronto.
April 24, 2014/by T MacKinnon
Geomatics Acronyms and Abbreviations

Geomatics Acronyms and Abbreviations

Using acronyms and abbreviations is commonly practiced in the Geomatics industry and most of the time people just assume that everybody else knows what every acronyms and abbreviation stands for. Well that is obviously not the case most of the time and over the years I have created myself a little digital cheat-sheet of geomatics acronyms and abbreviations that I use with my work in my writing.
May 30, 2014/by T MacKinnon
Orthophoto & LIDAR CSR for New Brunswick

Color Shaded Relief Model – Shediac, New Brunswick

The two images above are of a portion of the small town of…
June 4, 2006/by T MacKinnon
Parc de la Gatineau - Pansharp Image

Custom Pansharp Fused Image

Above is a custom poster I created of Parc de la Gatineau…
April 25, 2005/by T MacKinnon

The Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials and the United States Pentagon – Washington, DC

This post is part 2 of my day at the National Mall in Washington, DC, where we gained a day-off of two while traveling back to Ottawa, and conveniently it happened while we were near Washington, DC.
March 30, 2009/by T MacKinnon
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