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Cartography is the practice of creating maps or visual representations of geographic areas. Traditionally maps have always been created on paper, but since the wide spread use of GIS, has evolved more into digital formats. GIS, an essential tool for urban and resource planning, allows people to solve and model real world situations by incorporating spatial and tabular data.

LiDAR & Remote Sensing

LiDAR, a specialized remote sensing technique uses high precision GPS with an Inertial Measurement Unit to determine accurate surface locations. The resultant measurements consist of geographic locations that can be further processed to produce different spatial data products.


Surveying is the technique, profession, and science of determining terrestrial positions of points and the distances and angles between them, these points are usually on the Earth’s surface, and most often used to establish maps and boundaries for property ownership.


:a geospatial term that originated in Canada due to the similarity in origin with both official languages (English and French). It encompasses various tools and techniques from a multitude of geographic disciplines (geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), photogrammetry, geography, surveying, and other related forms of spatial mapping).

Originally, I created as an online portfolio to help my career while studying Applied Geomatics Research at COGS but since then it has become a place on the web where I share information about geospatial resources using maps, literature, examples, photos and other interesting information that I have learned from my work experience or during some of my travels.

I have been fortunate enough over the past 20 years to work in almost all geomatics related disciplines that included a unique opportunity to travel all across North and Central America, allowing me to better appreciate geography.

Ted MacKinnon - Geomatics Specialist

Some of the Geospatial Content Provided Includes…

GPS & Surveying

Resources & Other Content

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Geologic Application of RadarSat S2

Geologic Application of RadarSat S2 Mode Data in Northern Nova Scotia

Poster created for a paper and presentation on a project used RADARSAT S2 beam mode SAR imagery and ERDAS Imagine . The project used RADARSAT S2 beam mode SAR imagery and ERDAS Imagine together to provide 3D models representing various geological terrain features.
February 17, 2008/by T MacKinnon
Parc de la Gatineau - Pansharp Image

Custom Pansharp Fused Image

Above is a custom poster I created of Parc de la Gatineau…
April 25, 2005/by T MacKinnon


LIDAR has become a major portion of my geomatics career, thus I have dedicated an entire section of my site to help provide a brief understanding of LIDAR technology while demonstrating some of the highlights of my graduate work and other LIDAR projects that I have been involved with. Find out more ...
March 3, 2010/by T MacKinnon
Marathon Canoe World Championships Site Map

Marathon Canoe World Championships Site Map

The following map was one that I created for the 8th ICF Marathon Canoe World Championships committee depicting the site of the event.  This was the first time that the international event took place in Canada and was held in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 2000
May 23, 2002/by T MacKinnon

Hocking Hills State Park – Logan, Ohio (July 2009)

Within the Hocking Hills park are several spectacular features based around rock formations, including Old Man's Cave (a narrow, deep gorge, with many waterfalls), Cantwell Cliffs (a broad gorge at the head of a hollow with a unique stone stairway) and Ash Cave / Cedar Falls (large rock caves with water falls.

Like most of my TITAN road trips, I cover a broad geography in a short time, off witch does not allow much time to fully explore. However judging from what little time I was able to spend here, I thought it was a pretty scenic area, very rural or back country style with several scenic nature trails allowing a person to step back from the everyday hustle and bustle (The geology is always a bonus too).

July 24, 2009/by T MacKinnon
PCI geomatics

PCI EASI Script [PIX_to_SHP_batch_export.eas]

This simple EASI script used with the MODEL command in PCI will batch convert vector files stored in PCIDSK (PIX) format into Shape File (SHP) format with the exact same file name as the input files.
January 6, 2008/by T MacKinnon

Universal Currency Converter

Convert this amount

June 23, 2008/by T MacKinnon

The Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials and the United States Pentagon – Washington, DC

This post is part 2 of my day at the National Mall in Washington, DC, where we gained a day-off of two while traveling back to Ottawa, and conveniently it happened while we were near Washington, DC.
March 30, 2009/by T MacKinnon

Digital Terrain Modeling – Shaded Relief Models

A shaded relief model uses different color shades according to…
May 30, 2002/by T MacKinnon
GIS Mobile Mapping with Trimble handheld GPS & ArcPad

GIS Mobile Mapping

When you combine global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information system (GIS) technology together you get a powerful tool better known to most in the Geomatics industry as Mobile Mapping. This combined technology allows users to visualize information with existing digital data, record new information exactly directly at the source, and interact directly with the world around you.

Included here is a report written for an ArcPad / Trimble mobile mapping project, a presentation that covered all aspects of the project and more general information and links about GIS mobile mapping. The report includes all code used in designing the ArcPad application (visual basic, XML etc). The presentation was presented at COGS in Lawerncetown, Nova Scotia during the fall of 2003. The existing AGRG weather station network now consists of 14 tripods and 1 tower setups (as of Aug 2004).
March 17, 2007/by T MacKinnon
Jeremys Bay Campground [Map]

Jeremys Bay Campground [Map]

Screen shot of a poster created of the Jim Charles Loop of Jeremys Bay Campground Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site in Nova Scotia. It was created with ArcMap 9 from data we collected with a Leica RTK & Total Station.
May 23, 2011/by T MacKinnon

Geomatics – Cartography

Cartography or Map Design is the practice of creating maps or visual representations of a surface, as you would see it from above it. Traditionally maps have always been created using pen and paper, but since the introduction and wide spread use of geographic information systems (GIS) and computers, cartography practices have evolved more into the digital world. Most maps today are now generated using map software that falls into one of three main types; GIS, CAD, and specialized map graphic design software.
February 21, 2008/by T MacKinnon
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