Geologic Application of RadarSat S2 Mode Data

Geologic Application of RadarSat S2

RADARSAT images can provide geologists with an exceptional and correlative data source with respect to geological contacts, structures, and lineaments. This project is an attempt to provide some distinct examples of various geological structures in Nova Scotia that can easily be detected using RADARSAT imagery. Since Nova Scotia is a well-mapped and explored area, geological and geophysical data is easily accessible to accompany the radar data. RADARSAT imagery is especially …

LandSat Mosaic of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

This poster is of a mosaic of multi-temporal infra red LandSat imagery of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. The top image is a false color composite (FCC) using LandSat bands 7,4 and 3. The bottom image image is a true color composite using LandSat bands 3,2 and 1. It was one of the first image mosaics that I ever created with PCI orthoengine while studying remote sensing at COGS in 1999.