Advocate Harbour Color Shaded Relief Map

A new large 8 foot color shaded relief map that I have created has been posted for display at a local tourist kiosk in Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia. Now both tourists and residents of the area will be able to gain a better appreciation of the topography that borders the Northern Bay of Fundy region

3D Modeling with High Resolution LiDAR

I created and presented this poster featuring LIDAR Color Shaded Relief model of Bouctouche / Shediac area of New Brunswick at the 2004 Geotech event that was held in Toronto.

Color Shaded Relief Models

A color shaded relief (CSR) utilizes chromo stereoscopic techniques to help emphasize the depth of the Z dimension from traditional shaded relief models that already portray the presence of an elevation difference. Using carefully edited …

Digital Terrain Modeling

Digital Terrain Modeling is the process of simulating or representing the relief and patterns of a surface with numerical and digital methods. It has always been an integral component to geology related fields such as geomorphology, hydrology, tectonics and oceanography but over the past decade has also become a major component to non geophysical applications such as GIS modeling, surveying and land use planning.

Terrain Models are derived from data represented by digital elevation models (DEMs) and can include shaded relief models, slope and aspect models, perspective scene generation, and drainage basin analysis (and other models).

3D Toronto Images

Below are a few 3D Toronto images from a demonstration that I gave comparing Esri Arc Scene with FLY in PCI Geomatica. I generated the digital surface model (DSM) from some demo LIDAR all hits data that we had. The coverage area is for a small portion of downtown Toronto centered around Toronto City Hall.

Toronto City Hall 3D LIDAR image made with ESRI Arc Scene

Toronto City Hall 3D LIDAR image made with PCI Geomatica

LIDAR all hits point data of downtown Toronto

3D perspective view with LIDAR all hits point data of downtown Toronto

Color Shaded Relief Model – Gatineau, Quebec

This is one of several color shaded relief (CSR) models I created of Gatineau foot hills of Quebec. The city of Ottawa is featured in the national capital region near the bottom center of the image across the river just …

Color Shaded Relief Model of Vancouver Island

Color shaded relief (CSR) model created using a DEM of Vancouver Island, British Columbia using PCI Geomatica software. The …

Color Shaded Relief Models – Pointe Du Chene, New Brunswick

Color Shaded Relief Models of Pointe Du Chene, New BrunswickColor Shaded Relief Models of Pointe Du Chene, New Brunswick with flood
The above two images were created for my LIDAR flood modeling graduate research project. The first image is before the flood scenario; featuring a color shaded relief perspective view pointing south east from the Northumberland Strait landwards across the Pointe Du Chene wharf. The second image is of the same color shaded relief perspective view but features a 2.55 m flood level super imposed on top of it.

The 2.55 m flood level was an actual recorded storm surge water level that effected this area during a winter storm on January 2001. The two images below show the same flood level and area but from an overhead aerial view. The first image is with an orthophoto and the second image is with the color shaded relief.

Pointe Du Chene, New Brunswick with floodPointe Du Chene, New Brunswick with flood